A 15 litre pot / A 15 litres pot

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Come on guys, here's an easy one for you:

Option 1: A 15 litre pot


Option 2: A 15 litres pot


The right option is option 1, right?

I could say "A pot/container of 15 litres" but if I say "A 15 litre pot" I need to get rid of the "s". Just need any of you guys to confirm to me that this is right.

  • MarcB

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    When quantities are adjectives no s is used, it is singular. To give an obvious example a 2 foot( long) pole, is a pole whose length is 2 feet.


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    It's a phrase modifying a noun. In such instances, most style sheets recommend a hyphen: a 15-litre pot, an 18-inch pan, a 5-kilo turkey.
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