a 2 lane major collector ; 4 lane arterial (hyphens)

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    Good Afternoon All,

    Before I can translate this in Spanish, I need to make sure the grammar (especially the hypens) are correct in English. Part of the paragraph is the following:

    "Christine Drive is a 40 foot wide, 2 lane major collector with Class II on street bike lanes. Ulatis Drive is a 64 foot wide, 4 lane arterial with Class II on street bike lanes."

    The paragraph has to do with traffic issues in a City. Should there be hypens "40-food wide, 2-lane major collector..." or leave out the hypens?

    I really appreciate your English grammar expertise. Thank you.

  2. teatom

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    Yes, you need the hyphens, but dont write foo'D'!
  3. elianecanspeak

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    I agree. I would use the hyphens.
  4. mhp Senior Member

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    I see your hyphen, and raise you two:

    a 40-foot-wide major collector.
    on-street bike lanes.

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