A 20-events sport


English, U.S.; Russian, Russia
you know how there is "triathlon" - running, swimming, biking

academic "decathlon" - 10 intellectual competitions... in one

what if you had 20 of something - sports/intellectual contests


please give me your thoughts, thank you in advance
  • JamesM

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    What's the word for "exhausting" in Latin? ;)

    I think the "ath" is required, so I'd venture to say vigentathlon, though I have only guesswork as a skill to claim when it comes to Latin.


    English, U.S.; Russian, Russia
    MillyMal, thank you, we are on track now... James and I mistakenly thought that the words triathlon and decathlon are Latin... but clearly, they are Greek...

    since "eikosi" is twenty and "athlon" is prize/contest, it follows:

    ICOSATHLON is the name for a 20-event competition; doesn't sound pretty, but I am pretty sure it's correct...