a 20 percent federal match.

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"Today's proposal includes just $200 billion in federal money. And for most projects, it would require states and local agencies like the CTA to come up with at least 80 percent of the revenue in order to get, at most, a 20 percent federal match."

What's the meaning of the 'federal match'?

I assume it to be a portion dedicated from one party, like 'part' as in "one part salt, one part water', but I couldn't find such usage in the dictionary.

source: The Winners And Losers Of Trump's $1.5 Trillion Infrastructure Plan
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    The federal government will give the state 20% of what the state itself raises. If the state manages to raise 100,000, the federal government will give 20,000 to add to that. If they gave 100%, the 100,000 would exactly match the state's 100,000, but they only match 20%.
    Matching funds - Wikipedia
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