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    I'am trying to rent a car for my holidays in UK and I don't understand what is the meaning of the symbol/word "no" in the expression "Cost per day Up to a maximum charge of Excess: 21.56 no max 1200".
    Does it mean "per day"?
    Can i translate that in: "prix par jour=21.56£ et franchise max=1200£"?

    I am completely lost and the more i wait for booking a car the more it is expensive. :(

    Thanks for your help!!
  2. Ray20 Senior Member

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    I think this is from a table which had 3 columns; I show them here by "/".
    So you read
    Cost per day/Up to a maximum charge of/Excess
    Prix par jour/jusqu'au prix maximum/Franchise
    £21.56/No max=there is no maximum charge/£1200.

    Je comprends qu'on peut louer pour un nombre illimité de jours.

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