a 24-hour city

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It's a documentary about cities, urbanization and so on.
Human Scale.
One architect is saying,
"What i found in the 1 980s was that Melbourne was in fact dying.
Almost no population living in the city, we had to write a strategy for change.
We realized that the guestion we were being given was: how do you make a 24-hour city, but
make it feel and look like Melbourne?"

What is this 24 hour city?
Don't think I ever heard it.
Is he saying simply "A lively city for 24 hours" something like that?

Thank you
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    With reference to smaller cities Germans sometimes jokingly say that they fold up the sidewalks at night.

    That would be the exact opposite of a 24 hour city.


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    Or Las Vegas where many business are open 24 hours per day. All the health clubs in town are open 24 hours and many of the car repair shops too.

    To have a 24 hour city is not easy. For Vegas to have auto repair shops open 24 hours, the parts supply shops need to be open 24 hours. And you have to have enough business to support that extended hours.

    So it calls for a high population density along with other economic factors. You cannot simply "will" as city to become a 24 hour city. The population and the economics of the city drives it to become a 24 hour city.
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