a 3 people room

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Let's say that three friends want to book a room at hotel. One of them calls a receptiona and asks:

- can we book a 3 people room for the date X. ( all three want to sleep in the same room)
-can we book three bed room for the date X.

Is the above correct?
Many thanks for your help.
  • piotr1980

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    many thanks.
    If we want to follow the form used by ''mother earth''

    What about if I ask for the room for 4 people

    3- triple room
    4- fourth room
    5- ?????

    or just, a romm that sleeps four, five, sex.........


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    There is a quad room (accommodates four).

    I'd say "I'd like to reserve/book a room that can accommodate ____ people."


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    I'd like to book a room for three people ... ... ...

    Then I would listen carefully to make sure that the receptionist understood I meant one room for three people, not three rooms, and I would make sure that had been understood before finally confirming the reservation.
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