a 30 day written notice / a 30 days written notice


Which one is correct: lessee shall provide a 30 days written notice or a 30 day written notice?
Does the use of the article ("a") make a difference?

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  • tannen2004

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    The 'a' changes things. It's either "a 30 day written notice" (the actual letter of notice is what's important) or "30 days written notice". They're both correct, but at least in my experience, the second is much more common.


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    I believe in both cases it's the notice that matters. There are many previous discussions on such uses but the long and short of it is that, in my opinion, there are two basic options:

    1) a 30-day written notice - in this case the "30-day" is an adjective modifying written notice
    2) a 30 days' written notice - the possessive apostrophe should be there


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    I agree with tannen2004: 30 days' written notice... no "a." Either the tenant or the landlord may terminate the lease with 30 days' written notice.

    "A 30-day written notice" sounds a little odd to me. Did it take you 30 days to write it? I'm not sure. :)


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    Well, then maybe it's my mistake, but I think of it like this:
    a written notice of 30 days
    a 30 days' written notice

    In both cases it's "a" notice?
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