a 401k starting at 6 months

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Hi There!

I know this is easy but I really don't know it, I suppose it means 40 100 a year, please help me with this, this k is very used to shorten.

The perks of Publix is that they have a 401k starting at 6 months for even part time employees.

Great to know that in just a few minutes I got a reply for you guys!
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    Actually no, in this case it's a subsection: 401(k) is subsection k of section 401 of the US Internal Revenue Code. It relates to pensions, so a 401(k) or 401k is also a kind of pension scheme based on this part of the code.

    crossposted with another UK member, showing the term is well known even outside the USA


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    The whole thing means that Publix starts contributing to employees' pensions after they have worked there for six months, even if they only work part time.
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