a +41 net balance.

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Hi, everyone

UK manufacturers are the most positive in Europe and are even significantly more upbeat than the Indian manufacturing sector, which registered a +41 net balance.

Could you please explain the phrase "a +41 net balance" to me.
Thanks in advance
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    This is from KPMG's Global Business Outlook survey. (As Copyright suggested, it would have helped for the OP to provide this information.) Their methodology involves subtracting the percentage of respondents who have a negative outlook from the percentage who have a positive outlook. Their scale also has a "neutral" option in the middle. They apparently assume, when they summarize their results, that readers are familiar with their methods.

    In this case, it means that 41 percent more manufacturers in India had a positive outlook than had a negative one.

    This could mean that 41 percent of the responses were positive, 59 percent neutral and none negative. It could also mean 70.5 percent positive and 29.5 percent negative with no neutral responses. Reducing the data to one number loses this information. This is a common problem in trying to simplify survey data. In any case, they use the difference between positive and negative responses as a measure of optimism for the future.
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