A 49-year-old police officer in HK fell to death yesterday?


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A news report reads:

A 49-year-old police officer in Hong Kong fell to death yesterday, when trying to stop a demonstrating truck driver from jumping off a bridge.

My question is: is 'fell to death' idiomatically used?

How about: fell to his death, fell and died? Thank you.
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    Where was this "news report"?

    In the English I am familiar with, one can't "fall to death." One can fall to his or her death, as you suggest. "fell and died" suggests some time between the falling and the dying, whereas "fell to his death" suggests that the death occured on impact.
    "Fell to death" is definitely NOT idiomatic English.

    Both of the alternatives you offered, however, are appropriate.

    The most common and natural form would be the first alternative: fell to his death.


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    Please quote your source.

    Your alternatives are correct ... and here's how it was reported in The South China Morning Post:

    Policeman dies in fall while tackling protest on bridge
    A policeman died yesterday after falling from the roof of a covered walkway in Central as he tried to reach a chicken trader who had climbed onto an adjacent footbridge to protest against government officials.