a $50,000 legal bill

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An official with the McCain campaign with knowledge of the matter referred questions to Mr. McCain’s general counsel, Trevor Potter, but, the official, who spoke on condition of anonymity, added that Ms. Palin’s claim about being stuck with a $50,000 legal bill for the vetting process was “completely false, not true.”---taken from The New York Times
Dear all,

Could you please explain to me what the "legal bill" is ? Is it a payment? Thanks in advance.

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    It sounds like Ms Palin claimed she was going to have to pay (or had paid) lawyers $50,000 for something related to the vetting process.

    Here is more from the NYT.
    Mrs. Palin writes that the bill was for vetting her to be John McCain’s vice presidential nominee, according to the Associated Press, which purchased an early copy of the book. After the election, when she asked if the campaign would help her financially, Mrs. Palin says aides told her it would have been covered if the ticket won. Since they lost, it was her responsibility.
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