a 50 big and tall

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Looks like a question about a clothing size:
— What are you, about a 50 big and tall?
— No, I always go a size smaller. Makes me look slimmer.

Batman & Robin, film

Could you explain the bolded phrase to me?

Thank you.
  • VicNicSor

    Oh, wait a minute, I just realized "a 50 big and tall size" would be incorrect, because it's not "a .... size", but rather "a size 50", right?


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    Note that men's size 50 in a shirt or suit jacket is a 50-inch-circumference chest. A suit jacket will also have an arm-length measurement.

    Size 50 in trousers is a 50-inch-circumference waist. Trousers also have a leg-length ("inseam") measurement.

    50 inches is 127 cm, so those are size for "big" men (fat, not tall).


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    Trousers also have a leg-length ("inseam") measurement.
    Yes, in BrE, this is known as the inside leg length (short is 30", regular 32", long 34" for made-to-measure trousers).

    I agree with Egmont. 50 inches is the chest size, not the waist size. 50 is a big size, and is in the 'big' section. 'Tall' means that the garment is cut longer than the regular size.
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