A 6 month work experience

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Mr Swann

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French - France
Hello everyone !
My 20 years old son is looking for a 6 month work experience ( in medical domain) for his studies ......

In French we a have a particuliar word for expressing this witch means limited time, and not real job ( un stage.... ) ans sometimes without money ....

how would you name it in a letter ?????

thank you for your answers
  • morior_invictus

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    Internships are also common in other fields (not only in medicine).

    /ˈɪntɜːnʃɪp/ n
    • chiefly US Canadian the position of being an intern or the period during which a person is an intern
    n /ˈɪntɜːn/
    • another word for internee
    • Also: interne US Canadian a graduate in the first year of practical training after medical school, resident in a hospital and under supervision by senior doctors
      British equivalent: house officer
    • chiefly US a student teacher
    • chiefly US a student or recent graduate receiving practical training in a working environment
    Also, see: wikipedia.org : internship
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