a $60 million conference center

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I want to know which is the correct way to understand the following sentence.

The company recently broke ground on its first $22.2 million project, the 123-room Residence Inn ....

Does this mean the project will cost $22.2 million for its completion? Or when completed, the project will be worth $22.2 million (for sale if needed)?

Such examples are many:

... to raise capital to start building its $90 film studio and production company.
... plans for a $67 million downtown hotel and conference center ...
to help finance its $3 billion .... high-speed passenger railroad.

Thank you in advance!
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    It means how much to build. But it's a little odd because of "first" and "$22.2 million project" – the company could have had a $33.3 million project, or any other number, before this one.

    So I imagine this is the company's first project and it will cost $22.2 million. If so, it would be better written as: "The company recently broke ground on its first project, the $22.2 million, 123-room Residence Inn."


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    A comma after 'first' would make the meaning clearer. It is their first project and it is planned to cost $22 million.

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    I see we are not really answering your question. I must admit I do not know if it means they will have to spend that much, or the buildilng will be worth that much when it is finished.
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