a 70-minute programmer [movie]


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I can't understand what a 'programmer' means in this context. Is it a kind of short movie or what?

Sommers’ follow-up to the successful Mummy films, Van Helsing, seems extravagant even by these standards. After taking two films to restore one 70-minute programmer, the new film batters three tales—Frankenstein, Dracula and the Werewolf—into its central narrative, after a prologue involving Dr Jekyl and Mr Hyde."

Film Theory and Contemporary Hollywood Movies, chapter two
: The Supernatural in Neo-baroque Hollywood, by Sean Cubitt
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    It appears to mean a medium-budget film. From the Wiki article B movie:
    The leading studios made not only clear-cut A and B films, but also movies classifiable as "programmers" (also known as "in-betweeners" or "intermediates").
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