a A or A

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Do I have to add a in front of grade?

I got a A on my math test or

I got a 87 on my math test
  • Eigenfunction

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    I got an A in my math test.
    I got 87 in my math test.
    In some cases you could say, "I got an 87…"
    "What marks did you get in the exams?"
    "I got an 87, a 62, a 94 and a 57"

    Harry Batt

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    The rule is easy for English speakers because they know the pronunciation. The rule is: the sound at the beginning of the next word determines which, "a" or "an" to use. If the next word begins with a consonant sound, use "a," but use "an" if the next word begins with a vowel sound. Thus: A banana, a crushing blow or a high grade. An orchard, an argument or an inauguration.
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