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  1. iKwak New Member

    How do you choose when to use a and al?

    I think al is the masculine singular and a is the feminine singular.
  2. bofico Senior Member

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    I Can't figure out the question.

    if it's prepositions you're talking about,

    a is a


    al is a + el, or al

    a la playa = to the beach


    al baño [a + el baño] = to the bathroom
  3. el alabamiano Senior Member

    Well, you're right in a sense. Always contract a & el to make al. All others are not contracted, including male words in the plural. The same goes for de & el (del).

    Voy al mercado. (el mercado (market))
    Voy a la tienda. (the store)
    Conozco a los Smith. (the Smiths)
    Busco a la secretaria del señor Sánchez.
  4. el_novato

    el_novato Senior Member

    let me try

    al is used like a contraction for "a el". According el alamabiano comment.

    Voy a el mercado = Voy al mercado.

    It is usual to say "Nos vemos al rato = See you later" , another expressions for "see you later" nos vemos luego, te veo, etc ...
  5. LadyBlakeney

    LadyBlakeney Senior Member

    You are quite right, El_novato. In Spain we say "Nos vemos dentro de un rato", but I guess "al rato" is correct and used in Spanish America. See, I learned something new!
  6. el_novato

    el_novato Senior Member

    Hello. In México there are a lot of expressions. Nos vemos al ratón. Nos vemos al rato is used too in México.
  7. el_novato

    el_novato Senior Member

  8. Woman1969

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    Venezuela (Spanish, English and some French)
    Hello all,

    Here in my country we use both of them, dentro de un rato and al rato.


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