A / an ultranationalist spray-tanned B-list celebrity

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A ultranationalist spray-tanned B-list celebrity.
An ultranationalist spray-tanned B-list celebrity.

Which of these two sentences is correct? My guess is that the second one is; however...

a European country
a one-day conference won-day
a university

...are all correct.
  • DonnyB

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    Yes, the second of the two sentences is the correct one.

    The choice between "a" and "an" actually depends on how you pronounce the word which follows: both "European" and "university" are usually pronounced as if they start with a "y.." while "one-day" is pronounced as if it has an initial "w..". So all three are preceded by "a" rather than "an". :)


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    I agree. It is the initial sound (not the initial spelling) that decide between "a" and "an".

    Many words starting in 'H' have different pronunciations in different AE/BE dialects: some pronounce the 'H', others do not. This affects whether they use "a" or "an" before the word.
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