A/an: user

  • jennball

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    A user is correct. "User" starts with the consonant sound "y", not with a vowel sound, even though it is spelled with a vowel as the first letter.


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    A user!

    An is usually used for vowel sounds, but since user is pronounced with a "y" sound at the beginning, it sounds weird to say an user.


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    an is used before a word which commences with a vowel sound.

    The first sound in the the word user is a consonant.
    It sounds like "yoozer".

    So a user.

    Similarly, a uniform, a eulogy.
    Very interesting...
    So, it's all to do with sounds?
    Mmm, and me thinking it would be correct to use "AN" before, due to the fact it starts with a vowel...
    It has to be said that An user sounds as if flowing by, and A User sounds more formal...
    However, "An User" is it grammatically uncorrect? Or we dont use that form because it sounds weird? lol
    Many thanks, Trevor
    Sr for digging this up, but does it apply for "yellow"?
    Ex: A yellow car. (I think this sounds better than "an yellow car")
    Whether a word beginning with y is preceded by a or an depends upon whether the y is used as a consonant or a vowel.

    He bought a yellow car. (Yellow starts with the sound /j/.)

    He bought an Ypsilon. (The name of a car brand which starts with the sound /I/.)