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Hi, there

When you read "the tradition and the consistency of its mission",
which interpretation is appropriate?

"the tradition" and "the consistency of its mission" or
"the tradition of its mission" and "the consistency of its mission"?

(In this sentence "it " is a particular company)

Whenever I see "A and B of C" sentences, I always have this question.
I'm not sure whether A should be modified by C.

Thanks for your help!
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    "the tradition of its mission" and "the consistency of its mission"

    When I read about tradition, I want to know the tradition of what. In the fragment you've given us, that "what" would be the mission. But it's possible that "tradition" may refer to something that precedes it. So we really can't give you a good answer without the entire sentence.


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    Iniko, I think it's going to be almost impossible to tell without context. Is the snippet taken from somewhere? Give us the whole sentence and maybe a couple more sentences. (Up to 4 sentences are permitted here.)

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    With a phrase in isolation like this, so do many English speakers because it could be either, but the context and sentences around this usually make it clear which interpretation is likely!

    If the previous discussion has mentioned a tradition (of some sort other than "the mission") then it would be already known that the sentence did not mean "tradition of its mission". If this is the first time "tradition" is mentioned in the text, it is likely to mean the other possibility. It is exactly this kind of issue that creates the need to present a context for each question for someone to provide a good answer. If you want a specific answer in this situation, you will need to provide some of the text before this phrase.

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    Thank you for your replies.

    Sorry for the ambiguity.
    I should have provided full context, but the document is almost a bulleted list...

    The next time I read this kind of sentence, I'll post again with full context.
    Thank you for your help!
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