A and B's car... A's and B's car... or A's and B's cars.

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Hi folks.

What do you understand by:
"It consists of a number of elements: students and teacher's role, previous knowledge, bla, bla, bla..."

1. That the students' role is the same as the teacher's.

2. Both roles may be different.

Are there any clearer ways to say it?

Thanks very much in advance.:)
  • Trisia

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    I really can't see how that list can tell you if the roles are different. It's only natural to assume (given that we know that students and teachers usually have different roles: ones learn, the others teach) that they are indeed not the same. But more context just might help.


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    The example question is only vaguely related to the thread title.
    That makes it very difficult to know whether to comment on the title or the post.

    I'm closing this thread, with a request to maraba (now off line) to post again with a more clear question.
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