A baby barn owl


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I am reading "The Owl who was afraid of the Dark" with my son.
"Plop was a baby barn owl, and he lived with his mummy and daddy at the top of a very tall tree in a field.
He had a beautiful heart-shaped ruff.
Is "barn" an adjective? and what does it mean in "a baby barn owl"?
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    Barn is a noun that is being used as an adjective to modify the meaning of owl in the common name barn owl, Jignesh. A baby barn owl is a young barn owl. As you might guess, barn owls frequently like to nest in barns.


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    A 'barn owl' is a species of owl, not a word for a kind of owl that lives in barns. (Obviously they existed long before there were barns!)
    A baby barn owl is a barn owl that has just hatched. There's an extremely cute baby barn owl pictured here.

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