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a back-and-fort

Discussion in 'French-English Vocabulary / Vocabulaire Français-Anglais' started by beri, Feb 6, 2006.

  1. beri Senior Member

    This character is so much fun to write. Almost too fun. You do kind of get carried away and the scenes kind of all become this, you know, great back-and-forth and eventually you're like, "Oh, right, plot."

    Again this is spoken speech ;) I don't quite picture the thing. Tenkyu :p for helping
  2. scandalously in love

    scandalously in love Senior Member

    Canada - English
    = aller-retour

    (Aller-retour = aller nul part = l'histoire se dévelope pas) Je crois que le diseur veux dire qu'il s'amuse trop à développer les détails d'un personnage qu'il oublie à continuer l'intrigue.

    Ça aide??
  3. Monsieur Hoole Senior Member

    Canada English
    back & forth = la repartée/converstion entre les 2 personnages.:)
  4. beri Senior Member

    who should I believe? those two views differ quite a bit
  5. martini99 Senior Member

    English, UK
    I think that in this context the speaker is describing the 'banter' (conversation, witty dialogue) between characters and saying that she gets caught up in this so forgets about the plot. In this case I think that Monsieur Hoole is correct with his suggestion. However, I'm a native English speaker and have never really heard it used in this way before, so I wouldn't replicate it. In normal speech I think we would use 'banter' or even just 'conversation'.
    Hope that clears it up a bit? Sorry that I've replied in English, my French isn't up to the job! ;)
  6. scandalously in love

    scandalously in love Senior Member

    Canada - English
    for the record, I'll second Mr. Hoole's suggestion ;) I had forgotten that back-and-forth would refer to dialogue...

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