A back bush thing


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Hi everyone-
I'm trying to translate these lines into french, and having a bit of trouble doing so. The phrases in red are the problem!

you know the brethren more realize the whole situation
that it’s not a back bush thing
can’t go around in the bush any more

This is being said by a Jamaican Rastafarian. He's talking about the "situation": the Rasta church and religion growing to be more present in contemporary culture.
I think I have a hold on the phrase "back bush", connoting a primitive, isolated culture, and that he is saying that the brethren can't just stay in that mode (running around in the bush) anymore because the church is growing and becoming more and more integrated into society.

So! how would I translate this idea to french ??

Many, many thanks for any help
  • vanagreg

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    Hi Lechatnoir,

    to keep the idea of bush, you can use "brousse" in French. A close expression would be "sortir de sa brousse".

    It's got a pejorative connotation, and it means to start doing more important things, to get into more serious things.
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