"A back of the mule" OR "mule's back"

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I am going to write a sentence.
1. Have you loaded the salt on back of the mule.
2. Have loaded the salt on mule's back.

Does number # 2 tense seem correct?
  • Florentia52

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    The tense of the verb in #2 is the same as that in #1 (have…loaded). I think you mean "sentence."

    Neither "on back of the mule" or "on mule's back" is correct, because "back" requires an article.


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    As an added note,

    "2. Have loaded the salt on (the) mule's back." is not a sentence in any event since there's no subject and thus is grammatically incorrect.


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    I assume you simply forgot to type "you" in the second sentence, but both should end with a question mark:1.Have you loaded the salt on the back of the mule? 2. Have you loaded the salt on the mule's back?
    To me 2. sounds slightly more idiomatic, and suggests the (sacks of) salt might be attached anywhere on the mule's back, whereas (to me) 1. suggests the (sacks of) salt have been placed towards the animal's rear quarters.
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