a bad bedside manner

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  1. farley New Member

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    How would you say in french that a doctor had bad bedside manners
  2. Qui-oui New Member

    in french we call that "un charlatant" ( it's offensive for a doctor )
  3. Already-Seen Senior Member

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    It means the doctor isn't good when dealing with patients. He doesn't answer their questions, doesn't reassure them, etc. Apart from that he could be the best in his field. I wouldn't call him a charlatan.
    The WR dictionary suggests 'comportement envers les malades' for bedside manner.
    However I don't know how to translate 'he has bad bedside manner.'
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  4. wildan1

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    bedside manner is usually in the singular - the doctor had a bad bedside manner

    Ce médecin laissait à désirer pour le relationnel ?

    Côté relationnel, ce médecin était plutôt nul ?
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  5. archijacq Senior Member

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    selon Harrap's:
    "sa bonne/mauvaise manière professionnelle"
  6. Missrapunzel

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    Bienvenue sur le forum, farley!

    Je pense que je dirais "un médecin peu communiquant", "Un médecin dont les aptitudes relationnelles laissent à désirer", "Un médecin reconnu davantage pour ses compétences médicales que relationnelles" pour le cas où techniquement c'est un bon professionnel, mais humainement, il est maladroit.
  7. archijacq Senior Member

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    bedside manner:
    The attitude and conduct of a physician in the presence of a patient.

    comportement envers les malades

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