a bad luck person will even choke when drinking water!

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Hi, everyone:

A bad luck person will even chocke when drinking water.

This is a direct version of an idiom in my language. It is used to say "a person with a bad luck could not succed in doing anything, even drinkng water". I wonder if there's an equivalent version in English.

More explanation:

The above sentence is said when someone belives he has a bad luck. And when he then does something very simple, for example some routine activities, he will say "oh, a bad luck person will even chocke when drinkng water!" to complain about his luck.

Best wishes.
  • EmilyD

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    "An unlucky person will even choke while drinking water." hly2004

    I have never heard this before, but it makes sense. There is a saying, and, I believe, a song:

    If I didn't have bad luck, I'd have no luck at all.

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