a bad seed


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Hello, could you help me understand this term --- a bad seed. I guess this means something like a wet blanket? What does it mean, and is it largely used?

(They just double-dated with George and his girlfriend)
JODI: I have to tell you, I really don't like him.
JERRY: Yeah, me either.
JODI: It's just I hate that type.
JERRY: Yeah, he's a bad seed.
(Seinfeld, The Masseuse)

  • idialegre

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    "Bad seed" does not mean "wet blanket." It refers instead to the seed which is the masculine semen ("semen" is the Latin word for seed) that goes into making a baby. This usage is often found in the Bible, as in "the seed of Abraham," i.e. the descendants of Abraham.

    "Bad seed" therefore means a bad person, one who was probably just born bad, particularly in contrast with other siblings who are not bad people.


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    Seeds will grow and bear fruit with seeds, and the process repeats itself. Maybe the connotation of a 'bad seed' has it that he/she may have a bad influence on their family after him/her. Is it possible?


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    Good seed is normally to be taken literally, as in the hymn: "We plough the fields and scatter the good seed on the land, but it is fed and watered by God's almighty hand".
    However, I could well imagine a racist or eugenicist using it, though for the actual spermatozoa and its genetic properties rather than the baby.

    George French

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    Bad seed in this case could/does just means:-

    "he got his "bad" features form his fertilised egg/seed (not just the male side). Poor sod, it not his fault.


    Genetics rules..... but of course they may be/are wrong..... :)
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