a badly behaved dog

Vagner Luiz

Hello people!

What adjective should I use to describe a badly behaved dog that does not do what I tell him to do or maybe destroy things in my house, etc

Is "naughty" correct?

  • Packard

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    "Bad" dogs are bad for various reasons. Some are boisterous, some are destructive, some are vicious. You need to give us better direction on what behavior that the "bad" dog is displaying.


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    I think "doesn't do what I tell him" and "destroys things in the house" is different to the above case.
    "Disobedient and destructive."

    The disobedience requires training and the destructive behavior requires behavioral modification.


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    It depends what impression you want to give your reader.

    Even if your dog is badly-trained and destructive, you are not likely to want to tell your friends that. Especially if you want them to look after it for a few days. So what is your context?

    One's perspective changes...
    My dog is naughty, but cute. (Perhaps he's just a puppy and has chewed a few slippers.)
    Your dog is rather boisterous.
    His dog is a menace.
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