a band score of 7.0 or higher

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Many of our clients have successfully achieved a band score of 7.0 or higher through this program.

The above is a small excerpt from a IELTS course advertisement. (For those who don't know what IELTS is, it's an English proficiency test comprised of 4 sections: writing, reading, speaking, listening, you will get a band score for each section and on the test result report, you will find the overall band score calculated by averaging all 4 band scores.

When it's said "achieved a band score of 7.0", does it mean they scored 7.0 or higher on all four sections or does it mean they got the overall (or the average) score of 7.0?
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    I would assume average scores. After all, this is an advertisement, and they want to project themselves as positively as positive. If they wanted to say that all their clients achieved a band 7 across the four sections, I think they would have said so.
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