a bank Xerox machine

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Neither is she stupid, as I think we have both agreed. I think that she is filled with herself–she does not just have a large ego but one which is positively grandiose. Burning it seemed to her the proper thing to do, and the idea that her concept of the proper thing to do might be short-circuited by something so piddling as a bank Xerox machine and a couple of rolls of quarters … that blip just never crossed her screen, my friend.
Source: Misery by Stephen King
Context: A deranged fan saves a writer from a near-fatal car crash, and subjects him to an escalating reign of terror. She made him burn one of his books that she did not like. In this scene, he is contemplating.

a bank Xerox machine refers to what type of xerox machine?

Thank you.
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    At a guess, one found in a bank. Some banks offered photocopying services, presumably. I can think of no other meaning of 'bank' for this situation. The implication is that it was the easiest way to photocopy something: just walk into a bank and use their machine.
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