a battered woman?


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I am watching "2 Broke Girls" and some of conversations I just don't understand! As you may know, the sitcom is about two girls, Max and Caroline.

At one scene, Max is pouring batter into cupcake. And here's their conversations:
Caroline Max! Look out. You're so tired, you're spilling batter all over yourself!
Max: I knew it was only a matter of time before I became a battered woman.

Does that mean she is a woman who is abused by men? Or is it she's doing drugs? 'Cause she did mention having a dealer.

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    She is making a joke. She is literally "battered" as she is covered in battered. We use this adjective for food which is covered in batter and then deep fried. "Battered woman" can also refer to a woman who is beaten by her partner, so this is the joke she is making. I do not think it is true she is beaten by her partner. The word "battered" can also mean someone who has taken lots of drugs, but this is BE and I believe the TV show is American? You don't usually use "battered" with "woman" in this context anyway.


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    In AmE, the normal meaning of battered woman is "woman who is physically abused by her partner." The term has no connotation of drug use since it's possible for anyone of any demographic to be battered. But as Bluegiraffe has pointed out, here it's a pun on the kind of batter that is used to make cupcakes.

    It's not really the sort of joke I'd recommend since few people see any humor in the topic of battered women. But the writers could get away with it here because, if I'm remembering correctly who Max is (I've only seen a couple of episodes of the show), she's a pretty tough girl and it's hard to imagine her ever being literally battered.
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