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Hola a todos. ¿Qué significa "a bauld face" en el texto siguiente?:"This is a lonely hoose," says he, "and we might be molested by some rascals. It's weel tae be ready for whatever may come. Me and you and my son Mordaunt and Mr. Fothergill West of Branksome, who would come if he was required, ought tae be able tae show a bauld face—what think ye?"

Gracias por la ayuda.
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    Sí, pero en castellano "mostrar una cara valiente" no tiene mucho sentido. ¿Podría ser "mostrar nuestra cara más audaz"?


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    Tienes razón.

    (Put on a brave face wouldn't work in English either, now that I think of it.)


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    "Bauld" is a Scottish variation for bold. It goes with many of the other variations in your quote.

    To show a bold face or to put on a bold face are phrases that mean to give the appearance of being bold on the outside, on your face, even when you are scarred/not bold on the inside. It means put up a good front; we ought to be able to at least look bold.

    Show a happy face is what some people do even when sad on the inside. Don't let the world see you sad (even if you are).

    I hope this helps. You will have to handle the Spanish. There must be a phrase for this.
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