A beach or the beach between two strangers

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Hello helpers,

I was chatting online with a stranger when this question came to mind. Since we were chatting in a dark room looking very gloomy I wanted to chat with this person in some other places. So I was wondering if we could go other places.

So I said, Can we go some other places like the beach?

I was not sure which article should come before beach. On second thought, I preferred 'a' thinking that we both don't know which beach we are talking about.

What do you think?

Thank you all in advance. =)
  • expenseroso

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    The definate article ("the") is commonly used with generic locations like "beach". The only thing wrong with your sentence is that "place" should be singular.

    Also, you'd probably want to put some punctuation between "place" and "like"--either a comma or an "em dash" (I use "--" in forums and such).
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