a bear with a sore head


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What does it mean:
"The boss is like a bear with a sore head today."
Thank you.
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    It could be meant literally.
    It would give you a sore head - it would give you a headache.

    It could be meant figuratively.
    It would give you a sore head - it appears to be a very difficult problem requiring a great deal of concentrated thought.


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    Can you provide some context, SandoM? Where did you come across this?

    I ask because the term could be used purely literally, describing something that makes your head hurt, or figuratively. Without context, it's impossible to tell you exactly what it means.

    EDIT: As Panj has just said. :)


    Thanks a million to all of you :)
    I came across it in a short story. It is used by an old blind war veteran when his guide is describing the fancy colorful interior of a room in the house where the Bloomsbury group were living. So it is definitely used figuratively and i guess it is the way the old veteran expresses his annoyance with the place.
    Thank you all again!
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