A bearing and distance of North88゜40'13" west 222.21 feet

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I' m reading a legal document and cannot understand the following description.

"...a bearing and distance of north88゜40'13" west 222.21 feet; thence north 88゜40'13 west, 212.12 feet"

This seems to be about the location of a parcel of land.

It would be appreciated if you would help me with paraphrasing it.

Thank you
  • Ritterbruder

    Chinese(Mandarin and Shangahainese), English
    Bearing means direction on a compass.

    ゜= degrees
    ' = minutes
    " = seconds

    360 degrees = 1 complete circle
    60 minutes = 1 degree
    60 seconds = 1 minute

    222.21 feet refers to traveling that far on that bearing.

    I drew an image to illustrate what "north 88゜40'13" west 222.21 feet" means.

    Using words, it refers to this: "88 degrees, 40 minutes, and 13 seconds west of north, 221.21 feet in that direction"



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    Thank you for your reply.

    Your explanation and image are very clear.
    In particular, the "west of north" part was very difficult for me to understand. (because "north" and "west" are separately described. )
    I was at a loss about how to solve this problem before visiting this forum, but now I have understand the sentence completely.
    Thank you again!
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