a beautiful girl <that = who?> made his friends laugh a lot.


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Hi there,

I'd like to know if this sentence is correct in English:

"One of the anecdotes was about a beautiful girl he met in Rome that made his friends laugh a lot."

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    I'd rephrase it: "One of the anecdotes that made his friends laugh a lot was about a beautiful girl he met in Rome." Otherwise, it seems like the girl is making his friends laugh.


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    Lily, please tell us specifically what about the sentence troubles you. We aren't supposed to rewrite your sentence for you, but if you tell us what in particular has you worried, we can be much more helpful.


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    Thank you guys!


    You're right and I should have been more specific and given more context. My apologies! I didn't mean anybody to rewrite the sentence for me though, I didn't ask for that. I had difficulties with "that" in the sentence above because I learned in class that it usually goes next to the word it refers to. Since I read the sentence in a novel, I was curious about the word order. As a matter of fact, I could understand it perfectly well once variegatedfoliage changed the word order.

    Thanks again!
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