a beautiful personality

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She has a beautiful personality.

I saw this sentence on my textbook. According to my book, this sentence means the woman is very beautiful and charming. It is a great compliment to a woman.

the part of one's character as others see it:
a charming personality in public; a surly one in private.

This is from WR dictionary. Does "a beautiful personality" in my sentence means "being beautiful and charming"?

Thank you.
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    Beautiful describes the woman's personality, not her physical appearance. And charming maybe, but not necessarily.


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    Having a certain sort of personality, does not mean that you must have that same sort of physical appearance, e.g. you can be physically ugly but have a beautiful personality.

    Your personality is how everyone else experiences you. Personality is described by such words as "beautiful/nasty; extrovert/introvert; intelligent/stupid; witty/dull; talkative/quiet; adventurous/retiring, etc."


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    You may, if that's what you think of as beautiful. That's the thing about beautiful: it's an individual interpretation. "Kind and sweet-tempered" can certainly fit.
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