a beautiful wreck

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Hello, everyone!
In "The Last Ride", a CSI episode, a former car salesman, now a car appraiser, is talking about his fiancée whom he shot down because she was cheating on him:
"What a beautiful wreck she was. She never cared how much pain she caused me. The humiliation. ... I didn't regret it for a second."
My question is whether one can use "wreck" in an affectionate way. I mean, the scene is not intended to be funny, like "car salesman calling his girlfriend a wreck", hahaha. It is quite emotional, I would say.
When googling the phrase I came to the song by Shawn Mullins who uses it quite the same way, see here.
What do you say?
  • holymoses

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    No, I don't think you can use it affectionately. I think he's saying that she was a wreck, but he didn't care because he loved her.


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    In the right context, you can use almost anything affectionately -- "You look great, you old bastard!! Har har!!" -- but in general I agree with Moses, above.
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