A beauty written novel

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That is a _____ (beautiful) written novel.
The supposed answer is "beautifully" which I understand. But I think "beauty" makes sense as well. It means:
This a novel written by a beauty.
How do you think about it?
  • Uncle Jack

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    No. "Written" functions as an adjective, so it needs an adverb to modify it.

    It makes no sense to me to say that a novel was written by a beauty, but even if this is what you wanted to say, this is not how you would say it. If a novel had been written by a Frenchman, for example, you could not say "This is a Frenchman written novel".


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    The missing word needs to describe how (the way in which) the novel was written. Therefore, as UJ says, it must be an adverb, such as beautifully, or well, or hastily.

    I can’t think of any context in which “beauty-written” would make sense.
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