a beehive of irregularity

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India-Local dialect
"Your operation of the project is a beehive of irregularities and violations."
This is what I said to my junior on how he spent project money when I noticed all kinds of intended and unintended errors in operation of it.

I wanted to describe the project as a beehive ( a metaphor) in the sense that it is a thick collection of things obnoxious. Is there a better metaphor than that?
  • Loob

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    Somebody may be able to think of a better alternative.

    In the meantime, I should say that we usually use "beehive" as a positive metaphor for industrious activity. I would have been very confused by your comment, Pidginboy: I wouldn't have known whether you were praising me or criticising me....


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    We usually collocate "beehive" with "activity". Bees represent industriousness.(*) How about a wasp's nest instead?

    EDIT: (*) As Loob said faster than I.
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