A beer for starters.

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Brave Heart

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Japan, Japanese
Hi all,

Japanese people often say something like the following (of course in Japanese) when we order the first drink (or start drinking alcohol):

"A beer for starters."
"Just a beer for now."
"I'll start with a beer."
"I'll have a beer to start with."

Do English-speaking people also often say something like this in the same context?

Thanks. :)
  • cycloneviv

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    English - Australia
    All of those sound ok, however to me they imply that the speaker is going to spend the night drinking copious amounts of many different types of alcohol, until they pass out blind.

    If that's not supposed to be the implication, I'd stick with "I'll have a beer, thanks."

    ("Just a beer for now" probably has the least connotation of extremely heavy drinking to come, but it's still saying "I'm going to drink a fair bit more later on.")


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    USA, English
    When I am asked, "What would you like to drink?", I would frequently say, "I'll start out with a Budweiser." The implication is that I will either have additional bottles of beer, or some other beverage later on.

    All your suggestions read OK to me.
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