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Source: President Trump Will Promote GOP Tax Plan In Ohio Monday

<Chris Buskirk is a conservative talk show host and publisher of the website American Greatness.>

BUSKIRK: ...So yeah - yeah, I think when you think about, you know, how rank-and-file voters - you know, kind of outside-the-Beltway type of people, off-the-coast type of people, the people who listen to my show - what are they thinking? You know, you and I've talked about this before. For the longest time, people have thought this investigation is a Beltway story period and honestly didn't give it a lot of thought. Now they look at the FISA abuse memo that came out of the House Intelligence Committee, and they say, hold on a second.
Hi everyone! How should I understand the bold part? Thanks in advance.
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    The WR dictionary has a definition of Beltway, and there are several previous threads: click. :)


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    I imagine that a Beltway story is a news story that interests Washington politicians and those who are interested in Washington politics.

    "Period" here is the punctuation mark: the AmE equivalent of BrE "full-stop".

    "A Beltway story period" = "a Beltway story and nothing else". See this definition:
    WordReference Random House Learner's Dictionary of American English © 2018
    22. (used by a speaker or writer to indicate that a decision is irrevocable or that a point is no longer discussable): I forbid you to go, period.

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