a best singer

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  • owlman5

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    This one would sound better with the definite article, Hanifa: "There (in that place) is the best singer in my class."

    The person who said "There is a best singer in my class" probably didn't like the indefinite article "a".

    Does that make sense to you?


    I agree that we can say: "He is the best singer in my class."
    But when we are not referring to the individual, why shouldn't
    we say like "
    There is a best singer in my class."


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    "There is a best singer in my class." only means that there exists a person who sings better than everyone else. It could be that everyone in the class sings horribly, but there is always a person who is the best of the worst. The kid who is merely very bad is the best of the horrible singers.
    I think that you may be trying to say "There is a good singer in my class." - There is a person in my class who sings well.


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    If you have "a best singer", then that means there are other "best singers". I reserve the word "best" for "the best singer of them all". How can you have more than one?

    It would make more sense to say "We have a very good singer in the class".
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