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Hello, everyone.:)
There is an example sentence that is a little bit awkward to me.

"You make me want to be a better me."

It looks awkward to me.
To tell you why I think it looks awkward to me, I want to give you another example.

"There is a little girl and she is reading a book."

In the latter example, "she" as a pronoun refers to "a little girl"
That is to say, "she" includes "a", indefinite article.
We don't need to rewrite "a" because the word "she" includes "a".

To return to the main point, Just in my opinion, "me", as it is also a pronoun, has a notion of "a".
But why in the frist example, is "a" used with "me"?
Is the example just okay to use?

Did I miss anything? Please somebody enlighten me.
Thank you in advance.:)
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  • rhitagawr

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    I think 'me'' is a noun here, so the 'a' makes sense. This usage is perfectly normal, although off the top of my head I'd say that it's not used with we/he/she/it/they or or you plural. It's also used with proper nouns and self/selves. Consider:
    1) You're looking like a new you in your smart clothes.
    2) Simon had been lazy and stupid. But this was the new Simon standing in front of me: sharp-eyed, defiant, and ready for action.
    3) If they want to pass their exams, they'd better get their lazy selves down the library and start doing some work.


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    Better is an adjective. "I want to build a better house." "He wants to become a better person."

    Adjectives do usually qualify nouns and not pronouns and so your example looks strange to you.

    The speaker has done two things:
    1. used the word me to mean "individual who is myself" thus separating it from its normal use and speaking as if there is a separate person inside her.
    2. Followed the rule I gave in the examples above.

    Given the context, it is a correct use. The a does qualify me, which, in this case, is a noun.


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    Oh, a noun. I've got it now :D
    Thank you so much rhitagawr and PaulQ.
    I can't thank you enough.:thumbsup:
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