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The Reverend: My daughter hid from me the fact that she was working there. And I went there to bring her back to do God's work, where her talents can be a better service.

Source: Haven 102
Background: A bar had been destroyed by a large metal ball. Two detectives learned that the reverend had had words with the bar owner a few hours before the destruction. They came to the church and grilled him, asking him why he had been yelling at the bar owner that night. He explained that he had just been expressing frustration at the bar over his daughter secretly working there. He claimed he had nothing to do with the crime.

Does "service" mean a certain position/role in the church or simply mean " an act of assistance."? Thanks in advance
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    I would say the meaning is more in line with 'an act of assistance'. In one instance she is assisting with bar duties; in another she is assisting with church duties. Clearly her father thinks her assisting with church duties is more important than her assisting with bar duties.
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