A better word for many... i want to say (many) athletes are doping... ?

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  • Barque

    Welcome to the forum, lebeliebelache.

    Perhaps "several"?

    I don't know that it sounds better, however.


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    Why don't you like "many?"

    (I believe there's a rule here about including your question in your actual post, not just in the subject line.)

    Wandering JJ

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    If your sentence is "Many athletes are doping", then this is fine as many is the first word. Many is rarely used in affirmative sentences unless it is either the first word of the statement (as in this example) or is preceded by so, as or too. Therefore, if your sentence is as indicated in the thread title "I want to say many athletes are doping", you would be better writing "I want to say a lot of athletes are doping".
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