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Deirdre opened the door. She was dressed in a pretty, figure-fitting dress that would no doubt look smashing as she stood at the hostess stand and then showed parties to their various tables. Her eyes were her best feature, a bewitching shade of greeny-gray and uptilted a bit at the corners.
Source: Elevation by Stephen King

bewitching means charming/fascinating in this context, right? (as defined in WRF)

Thank you.
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    Fascinating yes, charming no. It means it's a shade that tends to put the person looking at her eyes into a state of amazement at the attractiveness/unusualness of the color.

    People can be charming but eyes aren't generally described as charming.

    Perhaps eyes like these:
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    It does mean charming in the sense of casting a spell over someone.
    I hadn't thought about that. But we really don't use it that way in AE so that's not a big surprise. Charming overwhelmingly means socially charming (i.e. possessing an appealing personality) in American English.
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