A big bunch of keys rubs the fabric of the pocket

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When a big bunch of keys is put into the pocket, it can rub the fabric of a pocket and make a hole appear, through which the keys can fall into the jacket lining.

Dear forum members,

could you please suggest any word combination that would sound more natural than the one marked with red?


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    Thanks for reply! I don't really know the right expression that could at best convey what I wanted to say. The precision of the suggested phrases depends on the clearity of the provided context. So I hope my sentence was more or less clear. But I don't think I got the spirit of the language yet - since I cannot say if wear away or tear is better.
    Thank you again.
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    There is some inconsistency between the cause (putting the keys in the pocket) and the effect (rubbing the fabric to the point where a hole is created).

    Perhaps it should be:

    1. When a big bunch of keys is kept in a pocket...

    which would enable you to say e.g.

    2. ...it can wear a hole in the fabric...



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    I suspect that "wear away" is what you want. It would mean that over time, rubbing against the keys weakened the fabric and finally a hole appeared.

    If it happened in a shorter time, for instance, if the keys were pressed against the fabric an poked a hole in the fabric all at once, then you would say "tore".

    Edit: I don't disagree with the post above, which was posted as I was writing this. It is another approach that would work.
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